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From TPO and tile to metal and modified cap roofing, you have many options for your commercial roofing replacement. IM Roofing LLC has the team that can do it all in Kaneohe, HI. In addition to commercial roof installation, we apply roof coatings and specialize in commercial roof retrofitting.

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3 benefits of retrofitting your roof

3 benefits of retrofitting your roof

While commercial flat roofs are a great option, they can easily get worn down by extended exposure to the elements. Water damage is an especially common problem that leads to replacement. Instead of replacing your roof, we can retrofit it with a lightweight, sloped metal roof. Retrofitted roofs:

  1. Require little maintenance
  2. Increase the longevity of your roof
  3. Improve the energy efficiency of your building
A commercial roofing expert from IM Roofing will complete your retrofitting project in a timely manner. Schedule your commercial roof installation or retrofitting services by calling us today.